We have our own expert in house Team of Installers. Once your deposit has been received we will confirm your installation date and set you up on our electronic diary if you have outlook this is all emailed to you. Any updates and changes are posted on this, so you can see where we are upto.

Day of Installation

On the day of installation, we will aim to get to you between 9.30am and 10.30am depending where you are in the country/traffic dependant. We will update you in the morning with an ETA from the Sat Nav.

The team will talk you through your install and get to work right away, the installation will be completed in a day unless you are told otherwise. It may be a long day as sometimes the Flue Liner doesn’t want to come down the chimney.

On competition we will talk you though your stove and explain how to use it. Don’t worry if it seems a lot to take in please just call us and we will talk you through it as many times as you need.

We register your installation with Hetas online and it can take 3 to 4 weeks to come through. Once submitted we will update our online outlook system with your Hetas Registration Number.

DISCLAIMER Stove Fitter UK requires that during installation the room is as empty as possible and carpets rolled back at least halfway and covered with large cloths, we will then cover over with large tarpaulins. Opening up a chimney is a messy job. Any items left in the room and carpets either rolled back or not during installations are at the customer’s own risk. Soot may drop from the opening when the flue is being installed, we use an extractor fan but this won’t collect everything. Dust will appear for a couple of days after install, this is normal. Having the chimney swept prior to installation is always recommended if possible.